tip bomb!

Making a difference.

Share with the Lord's people who are in need. 

Next Tip Bomb Date: January 25, 2017

Making a difference in someone's life.

I've always been a generous tipper. Occasionally, a particular server will catch my attention with a story or perhaps the Lord may put it in my heart to help them resulting in a very large tip.

During a Sunday church service my pastor mentioned a "tip bomb" and how it changed a waiters life in a time of need. I scribbled the word on my notepad and upon arriving home discovered www.tipbombs.com and thought what a great idea.

I then thought if this one person can do that once a year, how about joining people together to do it often. Making a difference in someone's life.  

And so this vision came to life. As a website design and hosting service for over 20 years I got to work creating the site you see today. As a Christian I believe in helping others.

I start each tip bomb with $100 of my own money. 100% of anything anyone donates to the tip bomb will go straight into the pot. I have no overhead therefore, no costs. I designed this site and host it on my own server.

Donate today and make a difference in a working servers life. I will document (date, location, tip amount and restaurant name) each tip bomb that is left. Thank you and God Bless.